New Book Details Blue Collar Struggle to Pay for College

DegreesOfDesperation-final2What’s it really like to try and afford college on a working-class income? A new book reveals the harsh realities that parents and students face in trying to manage overwhelming tuition bills. Part memoir, part how-to guide, this ebook is a quick but compelling read that will give you the honest truth about the obstacles and challenges these families face.

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More Than Half of Students Don’t Check Their Credit Scores

For the most part, there’s no good reason to not check your credit score. There are so many places you can get free credit scores, so access isn’t an issue, and even though all those scores are a bit different, they can be very helpful as you make financial decisions. Checking your credit scores is more »

A 5-Minute Guide to Student Loans

You may have heard that college in this country isn’t cheap. Maybe you’ve even encountered this firsthand for yourself, a child or another family member. But knowing that getting a degree is going to be expensive doesn’t mean you know how to pay for it. When you are a student or even parent of a more »

For 1 In 10 Americans, Full Time Job Isn’t Enough to Escape Poverty

Many people assume that having a steady, full-time job is enough to at least keep someone living in a decent manner, but as this special report notes, that’s not necessarily true. The shocking reality is that at least 10% of people with a full-time job are still living in poverty. A good job may be more »

Four sneaky college financial aid tactics that can backfire

It’s financial aid application time, and students (and parents) are eager to get as much help as they kind. To that end, they may even be tempted to skirt the rules a bit. But as this story notes, that can really come back to haunt you. There are legitimate ways to get better offers, but more »

Get Started on the FAFSA Now!

It’s a very good idea to start working on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as early as possible. The application for the 2013-14 school year is available now. If you want to get it over with and check one thing off your financial aid to-do list, you can submit your application here. more »

Excerpt #2

Excerpt #2 from Degrees of Desperation – Click Here: Degrees-Excerpt2

Excerpt #1

Excerpt from Degrees of Desperation – Click Here: Degrees-Excerpt1