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Bobbi : August 7, 2011 6:41 pm : Earning, Rewards programs

Rewards programs are an easy way to earn free stuff. There used to be a lot of rewards programs that would let you earn rewards through a wide variety of ways. I recall there were a few that allowed you to earn “points” or in some cases even cash for installing an ad bar on your computer. This bar would constantly show ads on your computer. These bars would take up a small strip of space, usually across the bottom or top of the computer. I knew a few people who would “stack” these ads bars, thus earning points/money from several programs at the same time. They made out pretty good, although they greatly reduced the visible area on their computer screen.

Most of those rewards programs are now history. However, there is one well-known points program that is still going strong and offering lots of good rewards. I’ve used MyPoints for a long time now, and have earned a variety of rewards, from gas cards to Barnes and Noble gift cards. They now even allow you to earn cash (in the form of PayPal). Many of the higher point-earning options do require you to make a purchase or sign up for some sort of membership with your credit card. But there are plenty of other opportunities that don’t require you to buy anything.

Note: If you sign up for MyPoints through a referral from me, I will each earn some points – and you will earn additional bonus points for your first purchase. Please e-mail me to request a referral.

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